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People-centric technological solutions

Collaborative Tools for the next millennium
Biz Talk Server
Overview of Microsoft ADO.NET
Java and Web Enabling
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Zope as a Content Management tool
Streaming Media

Enterprise Groupware Applications

industry collaboration strategies

industry collaboration strategies
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  people-centric technological solutions
Collaborative Tools for the next millennium
A project team requires the presence of the client at their beck and call 24 hours of the day. Sometimes they are spread all over the globe and the cost of bringing them together to a single geographical location is prohibitive. In case you have faced these problems and have been stunned like me, well, read on!....More
Overview of ADO.NET
ADO.NET is Microsoft's latest data access technology. As an integral part of the .NET Framework, it is far more than simply an upgrade of previous incarnations of ActiveX® Data Objects ADO. ADO.NET provides an extensive set of .NET classes that facilitate efficient access to data from a large variety of sources also enabling sophisticated manipulation and sorting of data, and forming an important framework within which to implement inter-application communication and XML Web Services......More
Streaming Media
Streaming is the transmission of data (multimedia) commonly video, audio and images from the server to the client's desktop, where the client plays or decodes the data as it is received.......More

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  Discover how Stylus helped AstraZeneca, the Pharma Major webenable their operations and enhanced data visibility.

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