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Web-Enable Your Legacy Applications

Existing legacy applications are often the perceived bottlenecks for companies keen on adapting Internet technologies to take their business to a new level. Porting such applications to the web often becomes a very costly proposition. Nevertheless there is precious data which is locked away in these applications which would enhance your business if these were web enabled. We have some solutions for you.

The services we provide include the following

1. Wrappering the existing legacy application with Internet technologies. The advantages of this are that your investment into legacy code remains intact. Also, by segregating the user interface from the business logic module of the legacy application, we can modify only that which is required for making your application "Internet aware"

2. Helping you decide which technologies best suit your organization. We can review your existing systems and applications, and your long term strategy and consult on appropriate solutions. We can also lower your risk by establishing the proof of concept on the proposed solution by web enabling a part of your system, instead of the whole.

3. Re-Architect an existing legacy application to leverage your business process .

Our location in Bangalore India gives us easy access to perhaps the largest resource pool in the world with expertise in legacy conversions and interfacing. Please click here to communicate your requirements to us. You may also email us on info@web-enable.com. Apart from Web Enabling your Legacy Applications, we also offer other services like Business Process Engineering and Enterprise Application Integration.


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