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Web Services and the Future of e-business

-- Anjana Srikanth

The web is transforming itself into a medium of information to a place for exchanging not just ideas but services. A bank can offer investment options to customers through a financial planning web service. When this service is given permission by the customer it can source out all the information describing a customer's current financial status and then it could recommend investment options offered by the bank.

Or better still, an online store that sells T can check out availability of greens from its regular sources or use a web service to explore the registry for local markets that carry that particular type of greens or one that connects with a fresh produce marketplace. Once such a selection is made, another Web service could specify the order and deliver the information according to the terms described by the vendor.

Are we looking into the future? Yes, Web services promises to steer us through a world of opportunities and empower us with the ability to conquer the next e-business frontier. Capitalizing on web services in this new way of operating offers companies a good enough reason to join the web services revolution.

The following is an excerpt from an interview that our Chief Technical Officer, Bobby Mathew, gave about the potential of Web services and the role they promise to play in the lives of businesses.

Web Services


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