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Food Industry Applicationknowledge management solution

-- Anjana Srikanth

This article outlines a food industry application that our company in India created for a company in Western Europe. The application aims to market restaurants in Western Europe and increase their exposure locally and internationally. In addition to improving the quality of a restaurant's image and customer service, it also helps increase business in an efficient and affordable manner.

A customer or visitor to this website receives all that they could possibly ask for online menus, online order placements, home delivery and personalized service. Some of the unique features of this site are the abilities like order management, customized look and feel and a personalized area for members to store their personal information like previous order history and the like.

The website aids the customer, in this case, the restaurant goer by providing not just a choice of restaurants in his region, but also a search facility, online menus, order confirmations and much more. This application makes it easy for small and new restaurant owners to sign up and showcase their services on the site.

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