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Useful Downloads


iTotel Interact

iTotel Interact enables you to provide a Live HelpDesk on your web site. The Interaction with surfers is stored in a database which can be retrieved using filters for Reporting and for Graphical Analysis. It can also set an alert so that one-or-more cell phones are instantly notified when a surfer or Agent logs into the HelpDesk. The application can tremendously improve the productivity of your sales and support teams. Most importantly, it can be fully customized in minutes so as to match the look and feel of your web site.

To enable Text-to-Speech you will need to download and unzip the InteractVoicePlugin and run/execute setup.exe after you have installed iTotel Interact v4.1.4

Digital Lock

Digital Lock copy-protection is designed to protect software products from small-scale end-user applications to large-scale enterprise systems. It is aimed at guarding your application from casual end-user copying, large-scale illegal duplication or counterfeiting and very large-scale illegal distribution of licensed software over the Internet. So individual software developers and software companies do not have to spend a lot on taking extra initiatives to stop piracy. Digital Lock can be discretely put into the password licensing type of software-only protection category. However, it has been designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind so that it inherits some features of network license management, can integrate with hardware key protection and is in fact, a generalized software copy-protection system for applications on 32-bit Windows platforms. Digital Lock also enables software developers to incorporate trial-ware functionality in their applications.


"Use Buildzone Zapper to search for relevant online architectural information from anywhere on your desktop. Just call it from any Office document, chat, email, or Web page to get Internet links that reflect your individual preferences. It's attractive, convenient, and easy to use, though you may find it tedious to check multiple resources. Point your cursor at a keyword (or select text to send search phrases), and press your Ctrl key to call Buildzone Zapper from the system tray. A search category drop-down box and easy-to-use menus are available to send your keyword to the online resource you select. Buildzone Zapper doesn't categorize, organize, or even present you with the information -- it merely directs your search word to the selected site in your default browser. You can customize it by adding your own favorite search sites."


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