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Enabling Your Key Services as Web Services

-- Bobby Mathew

We are witnessing the transformation of the Internet from an information provider to a service provider today. What kinds of services are on offer? Yes, we have all heard about eBay and Amazon. But what we are talking about here is not just an online store but of services that can be used to build other bigger services – from simple currency conversions and language translations to the more complex ones like shipping and customer-focused web-enabled supply chains

A good number of businesses today are realigning themselves into e-business platforms that support a web services infrastructure. Web Services are modular applications that can perform simple functions like requests to other intricate business processes. They are self-describing and can be published and then invoked across the web. Using a basic platform that is HTML and XML based, they can run practically anywhere on the net.

Once a web service is deployed, other applications or web services can interface with it and also call upon it easily. Web services also complement middleware platforms like RMI, Jini, CORBA and DCOM by providing a uniform and widely accessible interface. XML being a meta language that helps disparate systems exchange data, almost any application in any business becomes a potential candidate for web services.

By efficiently automating their business processes all companies will be able to provide better service to customers. Legacy systems, client service applications and any breed of web application can interoperate across multi-platforms and communicate between web services operated by different web enterprises, resulting in a change from applications to services.

Components of this service-oriented architecture are the service providers, service brokers and service requesters, all of whose services are described in a standard XML format that makes them understandable, imparts all the semantic information and also takes care of the security considerations related to the exchange of this information.

Traditional computing tasks like database access and commercial transactions once connected to the Internet using web services will allow for total automated backend B2B integration. Computerized auctions and online stock market information access will soon define exclusively new e-market places conducting dynamic

In addition to Enabling your key services as web services, we also offer other services like Business Process Reengineering, Porting Legacy applications to the web and Enterprise Application Integration. Please contact us here for more details.


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