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industry collaboration strategies
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Open Source Eclipses

Our CTO, Bobby Mathew discusses open source tools that help benefit development and even management areas. The open source world has come a long way in evolving from command line-based geeks operating systems to a powerful competitor for the commercial giants of the industry. With its philosophy of openness in quality and ownership it has won a huge following and has gathered momentum to the size of more than 20,000+ developers around the world participating in different aspects voluntarily.

The open source model has many advantages like low overheads, emphasis on quality due to peer reviews that necessitate high levels of interaction and open learning and passing of information.

The Linux platform has come a long way with its GUI's - there are so many out there with the popular ones being KDE and GNOME. Office Suites like StarOffice and OpenOffice are compatible with Microsoft Office and also being similar in their look and feel. Evolution - an MS-Outlook compatible email client promises to be a solution with even a similar look and feel. HTML editors like SCREAM seek to rival tools like FrontPage and Dreamweaver…

Visual Development tools have not been the strength of the Linux world. With the advent of eclipse the equation could change in favor of the open source world. Read on for more...

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