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How to Ensure Business Growth through Business Process Reengineering for the Internet

Pharmaceutical companies can derive major and tangible benefits by leveraging their traditional expertise and applications by web-enabling them. This helps them cut costs, manage existing markets more effectively, and make forays into new markets. While this article focuses mainly on three key areas where web enabling could help, there are many more aspects of a pharmaceutical company, which could also benefit from new technologies.

Customer satisfaction in the pharmaceutical industry is highly related to speed, accuracy and efficiency of a company's research response times.

This article describes how the pharmaceutical industry and its related network of organizations design, produce, deliver and service products. How they collect, track, organize, prioritize and respond to caller events with a comprehensive Medical Information system is described here.

Sales force automation involves customer profiling, hospital profiling, activity planning, call and promotion reporting, analysis and reports. This would allow organizations to fulfill their legal, contractual, and ethical obligations while supporting their sales and business partner relationships. The system must service a variety of communication methods in order to connect with a broad spectrum of customers with varied needs throughout their product life cycle, while enabling staff to deliver consistent, accurate and current information in a timely manner.

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