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How can Web-Enable Power Process Consultancy Forward?

-- Vinny Alex

If only Business Process Implementation were as easy as Business Process Analysis!

Thanks to a plethora of new Business Process Analysis tools and methodologies starting from the ubiquitous Process mapping and Root cause Analysis to the standard Gap Analysis (As-is /Should-be analysis) and the PDCA/SDCA cycles, to the more exotic Taguchi method and Balanced Score Card (BSC), Business process mapping and Analysis has enabled hundreds of companies (and business consultants!) to clearly identify where exactly the “fat” lies in the organization.

However, cutting it out is a whole different ballgame. Any radical reengineering project soon hits against seemingly insurmountable obstacles of “culture”, “vision” and “employee rejection” (as the incident involving Jacques Nasser and Ford clearly indicated). This is because conventional process reengineering often looks myopically at reducing costs (read “downsizing /rightsizing”) rather than increasing customer satisfaction and/or business. This also explains why reengineering in many companies happens only during lean times. After all, how often does an organization do a Root Cause Analysis for successful projects?  Is it because the factors for success are more obvious than the factors for failures?

Another major issue that many consultants and organizations have with Process implementation is the non-awareness of the volume of data that it requires, to manage effectively. To ensure constant process improvement, process and output (product) measurements are needed. Managing and analyzing this volume of data takes up a major portion of the process owner’s time, leaving him little or no time to provide the service that he was employed to do in the first place.

 However, Process implementation need not be such a killjoy. Once seen as the ultimate toy of the Marketing department, the Internet and its sibling, the Intranet, can become invaluable partners in any Process implementation project. Its ability to integrate processes seamlessly, and handle large volume of data (called “traffic” in Internet speak) has made process management for even large corporations possible. For instance, Logistics and marketing now see the Net as an ally in their efforts to manage their Supply Chains through customizable SCM software packages. Marketing and Support swear by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products that make every “touch” between the organization and it’s customer a truly pleasurable experience. The rising popularity of Call centers is but one indication of this trend.

Although these are two of the most talked about processes that have benefited through leveraging the power of the Web, these are certainly not the only ones who have the potential to do so. Some of the processes and sub-process that are prevalent in every organization that can benefit from web-enabling for the Internet or Intranet / VPN are:

  1. Marketing – Sales, Research and development, new product development and Requirements management
  2. Finance – Asset management, accounting, real time financial analysis, budgeting and funds management
  3. Human resources – Recruiting, Induction, Performance appraisals, implementation of performance linked payments, training and development and Administration.
  4. Operations – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software, Project Management, Quality Assurance and testing, and product development.
  5. Management – MIS, Knowledge management, Strategic Planning and Business Process Reengineering.

We, at web-enable.com understand processes and their complexities well. Our organization is structured around Strategic Process Units (SPUs) to ensure that we remain competitive to serve you both today and tomorrow. Our understanding of process management and our core business of developing software that leverage the Internet (web-applications) make us the perfect partner for your consultancy requirements. Web-enable.com looks at the Internet as more than just a place to put up websites. We see it as a channel to ensure that your client organizations have the tools to make your process reengineering plans succeed. We can work with you to develop applications for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship management (CRM), Knowledge Management (KM), Virtual Integration (VI), as well as applications custom built for your client’s HR, Finance and Operations needs.

We also realize the art of Web-enabling involves not just good programming skills, but a comprehensive understanding of all enterprise level (both technical and financial) concerns.

For instance, any serious web enabling effort needs to take into account legacy applications and security. Legacy systems need to be integrated using Enterprise Application Integration tools. For security reasons, we implement our solutions using an n-tier approach, keeping the interface, the business logic (the heart of the process), and the operating servers at three different levels. This ensures that your client’s organizations key processes remain where it ought to be – within the organization itself. Your clients can opt to develop their e-process either as a conventional web application or as a Web Service using Microsoft’s .Net platform and server solutions.

And finally, our systems and processes have been developed to suit the challenges of transnational project management. Our development process incorporates high visibility, which means that as a customer, you can see the progress of the project even during the development phase.

So contact us today, and let us show you how we can work together to take your clients to a whole new level.


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