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Collaboration strategies for e-business

People-heart of an organization

Trends in Visitor Relationship Management

Enabling Your Key Services as Web Services
Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Analysis
XML Beyond the hype
Early adopters of collaborative workforce initiatives
Think e-business
Predicting Open Source Eclipses
Pervasive Computing

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industry collaboration strategies

industry collaboration strategies
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  e-business collaboration strategies
People: Heart of the Organization
Customers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and behaviors. And to satisfy them all requires not just exceptional skills but also employees who are motivated, competent and knowledgeable. To succeed in today’s fast paced business environment, companies need to ensure that their most valuable assets, their employees have access to critical information and applications and are motivated and proud to handle their responsibilities well....More
Trends in Visitor Relationship Management
Visitor Relationship Management or VRM as it is called in short form, is the art of creating a good relationship with your customer (that is, the visitor on your site) by understanding his requirements and providing him with the information that he's looking for....More
Enabling your Key Services as Web Services
Traditional computing tasks like database access and commercial transactions once connected to the Internet using web services will allow for total automated backend B2B integration....More
How to Ensure Business Growth Through Business Process Reengineering for the Internet
However, with the development of web services and secure transactions on the Internet, the prospect of looking at redesigning entire business processes for the web is now not only possible, but is increasingly becoming a necessity for survival.
The reasons are not far to seek. Hyper competition, shrinking business
cycles, commoditization of products and services, organizational complexity and the WTO has all played a part. These pressures have resulted in companies looking not just at identifying and reorganizing key processes for speed, but in fact doing away with (eliminating /outsourcing) entire processes/sub processes that don't add value.....More
XML Data : Beyond the Hype
XML databases may not come in with all guns blazing and kill the traditional databases, but they do present some very bright possibilities for those of us who can look beyond the hype and apply the technology where it can deliver the goods.
XML is an evolving standard and is actively pursued and promoted by some of the biggest names in the industry. These companies maintain that XML has the potential to transform existing information systems on the web, into a far more comprehensive, result centered and universally accessible enterprise solutions.
Eventually all companies may use XML to manage their web based data, the difference between truly leveraging the power of XML and merely being an also ran will come from how quickly and effectively one can convert their existing data into XML usable formats.....More
Think e-business, not website - strategy leads and online presence follows
For every one site that has gone on to truly leverage the power of the
Internet to create a powerful online brand, there are ninety-nine others that have invested millions and sunk without a trace.
Why have they succeeded when so many others have failed or continue to struggle? In a word: strategy. Each of these organizations developed a clear-cut and focused vision of what they hoped to accomplish on the Web, which tools and services they needed to reach those goals, and then they executed them in concert with that strategic blueprint......More
Predicting the Open Source Eclipses
The open source world has come a long way in evolving from command line-based geeks operating systems to a powerful competitor for the commercial giants of the industry. With its philosophy of openness in quality and ownership it has won a huge following and has gathered momentum to the size of more than 20,000+ developers around the world participating in different
aspects voluntarily.....More
Automate Order Management
Read about how automating order management and lowering inventories in your e-commerce business can help increase productivity. ....More
Strategies for Sucessful e-recruiting
A description of a web-enabled recruiting solution for the HR industry. An application that fits into an Employee relationship management package and serves Performance evaluations etc ...More
Managing Successful Outsourcing Relationships
In a recent study involving medium and large US business, IDC estimated that while IT spending over the next 5 years is expected to increase at a compounded rate of 4.6%, the spend on outsourcing of services will increase at a rate of 22%. Read on to discover why ...More
Solutions for Communities of Interest
This article explains what a community portal is. What the growth curve for a community on the web means and where such virtual communities are headed....More

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