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industry collaboration strategies
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Our Strengths and History web enable stengths

Web-enable.com is a website of Stylus Systems Private Limited in Bangalore, India. We are an Indian web technology company that started small in 1999 and grew from three people to our present 50. Our customers are from USA, UK, France, Germany, Oman, Canada, Norway, and UAE.

Recent projects include web-enabling a business process for a major pharmaceutical company and building a large database driven website.

We are a company that owes it success to our ability to exploit the potential of the Internet. We have learned how to communicate and collaborate over the Internet.

Individually, we are rich with quality people. As a team we are diverse with not only talent but character. As a company, we are building each person's strengths and values by focusing on hard work and integrity.

Presently our strengths are web-enabling, quality management and e-business insights. Our team is technically solid while our management team provides the process training to turn the technology into a quality product. Our services include, among others, Business Process Reengineering, Enterprise Application Integration.

Please go to the page "leadership team" to hear what the five leaders of this company have to say.

Over the next few years our goal is to harness our talent by further permeating our company with process-center management. In this way, once a customer's project enters our quality oriented process it will exit as a quality product.

We will also strive to add to our knowledge and enhance our skills by creating a learning environment that includes: providing internal technology seminars, attending conferences and seminars, building a knowledge library and generally encouraging learning.

Our future is promising as we continue to build our team with the best Indian talent and then build them up in our quality-oriented culture. We will find our niche in a competitive world by excelling at what we do, following our guiding principles and listening to the needs of our customers.

Our Specializations

As we have grown through the years, we have been able to build our capabilities in specialized business domains. Check out our websites www.stylusinc.com, www.indiawebdevelopers.com, www.consult2code.com, www.beakware.com, www.thomasandalex.com for more details.

Contact us to know more on how we could web-enable your processes.

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