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Leveraging our Bangalore Location leveraging our bangalore location

Bangalore has been growing technology experts for the past 15 years. As a result there are many mature IT companies and consultants.

Our location here in Bangalore provides us access to a vast knowledge pool to help us find solutions for our customers..

We leverage our location by maintaining a network of consultants in Bangalore who can help us complete a wide range of projects using different technologies. Our company employs only 20 people in core web technologies but we can complete a broader range of projects by using our network in Bangalore.This helps us in offering services like Business Process Reengineering, Porting Legacy applications to the web and Enterprise Application Integration. This is what we mean by leveraging our location.

For example, older pre-Internet technologies and legacy systems are not our strength yet we can find many software consultants in Bangalore who can fill in the gaps and help us succeed at projects that would be difficult to do on our own.

The following pictures might give you an impression of the technological capacity of Bangalore.

Software giants like Wipro employ thousands of software professionals.

In this picture, the Bangalore police visits the Canon exhibit at IT.com.

  women techies
There are a great proportion of women techies in India.

IT.com, Bangalore
It seems almost everyone aspires to be an IT professional. Kids grow up here with an equal emphasis on software and sport.
Software Technology Parks of India
The national and local governments in India have been promoting the technology industry. The Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) is a hub for IT companies.
  knowledge base in bangalore
Bangalore has a knowledge base like few other cities in the world.




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