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Web-enabling your processes:

We have in the past six years, web enabled the businesses of a wide range of our customers ranging from pharmaceuticals to art-portals, from food and hotel industry to HR companies.

Why you would want to come to us:

You have a legacy application with huge volumes of data trapped in it. You want to make the data available to your clients, employees and your partners by using just a browser like Internet explorer. You want to leverage the Internet to make your business more accessible. If your needs match any of these scenarios, then we could help you find a solution

What we do:
  • Rebuilding the existing application software so that your process is web-enabled.
  • Building a separate piece of software that sits on top of your existing application.
  • Building a new web-based software application for your business process.
Business Zone

Concepts - Information - Knowledge
Concepts that transform an online existence into a dynamic online presence. Collaborate between knowledge workers, ensure quality processes and improve decision-making strategies in an ebusiness.

Technology Zone

People-centric technological solutions that take away the pain of enterprise sytems integration and enable B2B interoperability over the Internet. Provide the ability to integrate all applications at a technological level that enable knowledge creation and sharing.

Industry Zone

Real-life solutions for organizations ranging from enterprise groupware applications to intelligently predicting and building adaptive web sites. Applications that integrate processes, projects and information across the enterprise.

Fun Zone
Relax for a while from all your official tensions here in the corporate fun zone. Answer quizzes, fill surveys and find many useful downloads.

knowledge collaboration

technological solutions

information across the enterprise

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Corporate News


Stylus Systems assisted a multinational pharmaceutical company in providing better service by helping them track their retailer Institutional buyer network on the web. We defined the most appropriate approach for optimizing their sell-side supply chain functions across divisions kamagra varied customer groups and geographies.
Case Studies

Customized ebusiness solutions: "Customer-centricity" is the key business imperative driving the move to web enabled applications today. Read about CRM solutions, and food industry applications...

Integrating our collaborative solutions with the rest of their IT infrastructure a leading pharmaceutical major....

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